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Employment Law in Sarnia to Protect Your Rights

Ron Bildfell: A Commercial Litigation Lawyer Sarnia Trusts
Are you fighting against on-the-job discrimination? Have you been wrongfully terminated? At Bildfell Law, we help those in need of a commercial litigation lawyer in Sarnia, Petrolia and the surrounding southern Ontario areas.

Sarnia Employment Law to Ensure Fair Compensation

Whether you’ve been let go or occupationally victimized, you are entitled to fair compensation. By assessing your employment history, we can get to the bottom of your case. Our knowledgeable team, headed by Rob Bildfell, will delve into your situation to examine the circumstances of your dismissal to work toward finding your case’s potential strengths.

We have more than 3 decades of trial experience and are confident and committed to upholding the law. Our goal is to fight for your right to the financial (and sometimes emotional) compensation you might deserve. We will go above and beyond in trying to meet your needs.

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Our professionals look forward to helping you get the money you deserve. Don’t delay if you need assistance in the area of employment law in Sarnia, Petrolia or Ontario. Call 519-339-0440 today to schedule a risk-free