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Man hurt from car crash - Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Petrolia

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Sarnia Turns to for Fair Compensation

Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident? A Lawyer in Sarnia & Petrolia Can Help
If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you’re entitled to compensation for injuries, damages and lost wages. Since it is not uncommon to be fighting an uphill battle against insurance companies who want to hold on to as much of their money as possible, getting the compensation you need can be difficult without an experienced lawyer on your side.

You’ve already been the victim of an accident—you don’t have to be the victim of insurance companies as well. Instead, contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Sarnia who understands Ontario’s complex insurance system and laws. When you have a trusted lawyer on your side, negotiating the paperwork, meetings and interviews you need in order to prove damages can be less difficult and certainly less stressful.

Even if you believe you’ve been offered a fair deal, it doesn’t hurt to let an independent lawyer check your paperwork and verify that your settlement offers just compensation.

When you are trying to take back your life after a car accident, call Ron Bildfell, your Sarnia motor vehicle accident lawyer. Bildfell Law offers services you can rely on in Sarnia, Petrolia and throughout Ontario. Contact us today for more information. Call us at 519-339-0440.